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Diesel PPD Diesel pour point pour point depressant for diesel oil Diesel oil pour point depressant 

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Product Detail

Means of Transport: Ocean,Land,Air
Packing: According to the request of...
Name: Diesel PPD
Density, 20℃: 850~950 kg/m3
Freezing point: ≤ 30℃
Production Capacity: 5000Ton/year
Delivery Date: within 7 days
Appearance: Amber liquid or light yello...
Kinematic viscosity, 50℃: 20~600 mm2/s
Acid Value: ≤ 7.0

PPD diesel refinery to increase diesel fuel, increase production flexibility, gasoline ratio, increase economic efficiency has obvious effect

Diesel PPD

AppearanceAmber liquid or light yellow liquidAmber liquid
Density, 20℃850~950 kg/m3920 kg/m3
Kinematic viscosity, 50℃20~600 mm2/s94 mm2/s
Freezing point≤ 30℃12℃
Acid Value≤ 7.01.76

Diesel PPD, also known as diesel cold flow improvers, is diesel production in a common additive. PPD diesel refinery to increase diesel fuel, increase production flexibility and diesel, gasoline ratio, increase economic efficiency has obvious effect. And users of diesel fuel for transportation, because Depressant application, can significantly improve their low-temperature performance.

Functional principle

    Cold flow improvers

    Pour point and cold filter plugging point is an important indicator to characterize diesel low temperature properties. Pour point (SP) is a show that loss of mobility diesel maximum temperature at low temperatures; cold filter plugging point (CFPP) can be shown to cause the maximum temperature when the diesel filter is clogged by a diesel engine fuel supply system. For light diesel oil, the cold filter plugging point in actual use, even more important than the pour point targets. This is because the low temperature properties of diesel cold filter plugging point is directly related to, and solidifying the main point is the diesel fuel storage, transportation related. Added in very low concentrations in diesel fuel (1 ‰ less) depressant can greatly improve the low temperature fluidity of diesel fuel additive method is flexible and simple. Since adding less, it will not change the other performance indicators of diesel, while the diesel unit production costs are far lower than other pour, drop the filter method or route of the cost of inputs.

    Diesel reason solidification at lower temperatures, diesel is due to a certain amount of wax (ie n-alkanes), when the temperature decreases, the wax will gradually precipitate and form wax crystals. With further lowering the temperature of the wax crystals will grow rapidly, planar crystal is first formed, these crystals interconnected, as well as a three-dimensional network structure, in which the oil, the oil loses its fluidity and showed coagulation status.

    Usually n-alkanes in the diesel content of about 15% to 30%, when the diesel is cooled, as long as there is about 2 percent n-paraffins precipitation, coagulation can make diesel fuel, diesel oil at a certain temperature depends on wax precipitation production of the diesel oil type, processing and blending scheme distillation range of diesel oil fractions and blending ratio.

Diesel engine at work, diesel through coarse and fine filter, then through the high-pressure pump, injectors is injected into the cylinder. When the temperature dropped to diesel cold filter plugging point temperature, the formation of wax crystals will clog filters and affect the normal supply passage, thereby affecting the normal operation of the engine.

    After adding pour point depressant diesel, when the temperature decreases, when just a wax crystal formation depressant will play the role of a nucleating agent together with wax crystals precipitated or adsorbed on the surface of the wax crystals, prevents the wax intergranular bonded to each other, preventing the formation of continuous crystalline network, the wax crystal particles are more subtle, well through the screen. Depressant such damage or alter the function of the crystalline wax, it can reduce the cold filter plugging point and pour point diesel.

    Depressant added, you can change the shape or size of the wax crystal wax crystals, but it does not prevent the precipitation of wax crystals and reduce the amount of wax precipitation. Thus, under the action of depressant, when the temperature is lowered diesel cold filter plugging point close to, diesel will be a large number of fine wax crystal particles, so that the oil becomes cloudy appearance, but this does not affect diesel smoothly through filter (or filters).

    Light diesel oil in accordance with the pour point is divided into different grades, each grade has a corresponding pour point and cold filter plugging point indicators. 0 # light diesel oil refers to the grade of diesel fuel pour point of not higher than 0 ℃, the corresponding index for the cold filter plugging point of no higher than + 4 ℃. So people often think, No. 0 diesel oil to show that it can work properly at 0 ℃, which is actually a misunderstanding. Precisely, pour point of No. 0 diesel 0 ℃ only in higher than the cold filter plugging point + temperature at 4 ℃ to normal use, and in the cold filter plugging point and below the temperature of the diesel has been unable to pass filter Network (or filters); when the temperature dropped to 0 ℃, the oil will lose liquidity presented solidified state.

    Depressant effect depends not only on the performance itself depressant, and is closely related to the added oil composition. One kind of a different composition of diesel fuel pour point depressant added, the reduction in the cold filter plugging point (ie, sensitivity) are quite different, so we must first choose the best depressant sensitivity of the oil, according to various Depressant . Secondly, according to the composition and properties of oil was added, after a small test laboratory to determine the optimal dosage.

Almost all diesel PPD at relatively low temperatures are presented as a more viscous state, so at lower temperatures depressant stored before use should be heated to above 20 ℃, to ensure that their submissions before joining diesel state solution, and added to a temperature above the cloud point of diesel, that is not a member of wax precipitation from the diesel fuel when. Adding content is generally 0.5 ‰ ~ 1.0 ‰, but add a larger proportion of Euro RSCG Depressant. Concrete additive method is: the best addition ratio in accordance with the determined small test laboratory to calculate the amount needed depressant. First, I want to join these depressant use by a certain percentage of diesel fuel transferred into the mother liquor. Then, and then added to diesel liquor stir, mix evenly.

Fill preparation:

    As the winter of the product viscosity, pasty, it must prepare a special filling equipment and processes.

    Equipment to be prepared: a 10-20 cubic tank, steam heated by a heating room (can be a heating barrel 6-10, can be omitted if a special greenhouse), a metering pump (range according to increase the amount of selection). You need the process: low pressure steam heating process (through to the bottom of the heating room, blowing up), wind stirred flow (meter wind through to the lower tank, diagonal distribution, automatic forming a vortex), dosing flow (plus medicine point should be selected after the diesel hydrogenation Pump outside the entrance, the oil temperature is appropriate 40-60 ℃). Second, raise Notes

1. before filling diesel production should be calculated according to the dosage per unit time (the amount calculated in accordance with 1000ppm filling is 1000 tons of diesel plus diesel PPD 1 ton).

2. the tank into 10 to 15 times the amount of the amount of diesel PPD means diesel (oil temperature is appropriate 40-60 ℃), open wind stirring.

3. PPD diesel heating in the heating room to good liquidity, such as tanks and pumps, and then adjusted the metering pump range, stirring metering injection diesel pipeline (such as static mixer is better pipeline ).

4. until all used up before configuration can, throughout the process non-mixed water.

Fill with oil and end-user solutions

1. to take oil samples to experiment, to elect their own addition ratio

2. between 20-70 degrees miscible recommended oil according to the proportion of 3 to 1 to take the oil to be added to do with depressant

3. will do miscible solvent slowly into the finished oil has reconcile good start pump while stirring for half an hour

Appearance: Amber liquid or light yellow liquid

Packing: 170KG drum or According to customer request

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